How to send a message to pre-selected AlarmTILT contacts ?

The advantage of this kind of sending (compared with the sending a message to AlarmTILT contacts) is that you do not add destinations of message and you do not have to respect a particular structure, réside dans le fait de ne pas avoir à ajouter les destinataires du message et de ne pas avoir à respecter de structure particulière lors de la création du mail (Quicklaunch). The Administrator or the Procedure manager have already added them.

We advice you to use a format plain/text to guarantee the delivery of the message.

  1. For AlarmTILT Premium and more, you must be connected as "Procedure manager"
  2. Have an Email address, available to you administrator: This address is nominative and specific to this kind of sending.
  3. Example of Email:
  4. Indicate a subject
  5. Write your text
  6. Send
  7. The follow-up of sendings are available in AlarmTILT -> History of messages