How to send a message to contacts off directory ?

This kind of sending allows you to send messages to destinations which are not on the AlarmTILT directory. It's possible, for example, to contact one or several persons by SMS with the sending of an Email. One media per sending. If you want to send an SMS and an Email, you must send 2 Emails. 

We advice you tu use the forma plain/text to guarantee the delivery of the message.

  1. For AlarmTILT Premium and more, you must be connected as "Procedure launcher"
  2. Have an Email address, available to your Administrator: This address is nominative and specific to this kind of sending.
  3. Example of Email:
  4. The Email must respect the strucutre composed by tags [begin][media][destinations][subject][body][end]
  5. The subject of the Email is not used, it's the one which is indicated in the tag [subject] which is taken into consideration
  6. Indicate on which media you want to send your message (SMS,VOICE,EMAIL)
  7. Indicate the Email address, the phone number, according to the choosen media. For medias SMS or VOICE, do not add "00" of the international dialling code.
  8. Add a subject
  9. Write your message
  10. Send
  11. The follow-up of sendings is available in AlarmTILT -> History of messages