Why is there a "a@" in the SMS message ?

"a@" is a code.

It is used to attribute a reply to a procedure/precise step.

A user can receive several SMS. These SMS will begin by "a@", then "b@", then "c@" Un utilisateur peut reçevoir plusieurs SMS qui se suivent. Ces SMS commençeront par "a@" puis "b@" puis "c@" and so on. if the contact want to reply to the first message, he have to insert the code at the beginning of his SMS. His reply will be, for example : "a@ OK".

If his reply do not contain any code, it will be automatically attributed to the last sent message.

This code is added only when a reply is waited.


By default, this option is not activated. 

If you want to activate this option, do not hesitate to contact us.