How to create a report ?


  • Connect yourself as Administrateur
  • Click on the action button "Report"
  • A list showing generated reports appeared, click on "Create reports
  • Once correct data are selected, click on "Generation Report

The generation of a report need some times before to be available (generally less than a minute).

A statut shows the progress :

Report in queue :

The report may does not directly generated and the status indicates "Report Server Authentication Failed". In that case, it is necessary to click on "Restard the generation".

Report nowork EN

The statut will change again, indicate that the report is in course of regeneration.

 Report done/Notification sent:

Le rapport est prêt à être téléchargé, sous format PDF ou XLS.

An Email is sent to the person who has generated the report : 

 To remove a report from the lsit, select it and click on "Remove":