Version 5.7.6

Date of update: May 15, 2019


  • Applying new corporate colours on AlarmTILT interface
  • New sender numbers for SMS alerts
    • Luxembourg: +352 691 95 02 65
    • Belgium: +32 460 21 04 48
    • France: 38656
    • For other countries: +44 75 07 31 97 51
  • Set up dynamic selections in the procedure trigger permissions
  • Duplicate procedures from one management unit to another
  • Performance upgrade in contact synchronization module
  • The media "SMARTPHONE" has been renamed to "PUSH"
  • Quality improvement of SMS delivery: Mobile numbers with SMS delivery problems longer than 3 weeks will be deactivated. Administrators get email notification.

Corrections of bugs

  • The "time" variable now supports the 24-hour format in the procedure forms used though the CMC
  • The synchronization module now allows you not to modify certain attributes not present in the file
  • When a dynamic selection is updated from an upper level management unit, it now remains attached to the correct management unit
  • The values added later in list attributes are now well saved
  • Several translations have been reviewed (NL)
  • Various other minor bugs fixed