Version 5.7.5

Date of update: November 21, 2018


  • AlarmTILT® is now able to synchronise with your directory management tools (Active Directory, HR System) so you no longer need to verify your list contact by contact.*
  • It is now possible to see the contacts linked to dynamic groups from the organisation book so you can verify your organisation more easily.
  • It is now possible to duplicate a dynamic selection to facilitate your user management. No more tying yourselves in knots and copying and pasting manually.
  • You can now include audio recordings in your voice notifications (WAV/MP3). It’s a great way to add sensational information to your notifications!

*The data should be exported in xls/csv and send by a secure channel.


  • The special characters respecting the GSM 7-Bit standards are now taken into account in SMSs, but if you send a heart it may be interpreted in a different way depending on the device.
  • We adhere to standards such as HTML and PLAIN TEXT when sending emails or faxes.
  • The data and information necessary for the effective operation of AlarmTILT® are automatically pushed from the app instead of asking the app, to increase reactivity.
  • When creating a new message, the language of the messages is now set by default to be the language the user selected for the interface.

Corrections of bugs

  • The Dutch translation on the calendar has been revised so that our neighbours are not obliged to learn another foreign language.
  • Certain obligatory fields in the launch form were not filled in as intended; we have reminded these fields not to confuse the terms ‘optional’ and ‘obligatory’.
  • When a contact had more than one value for one attribute, they appeared in the selection with the condition “different from” but were not supposed to.
  • When sending a message to preset contacts via the “trigger” tool: when this group was updated and the trigger relaunched, the old contacts from these groups were contacted.
  • The interservice links as message recipients on the mobile app did not link to those for the web app. The link has now been re-established – thank you to the troubleshooter for resolving the situation!
  • The address received by SMS to log in to the CMC was sometimes different to the address received by email.
  • In some cases, it was not possible to create homonyms. In this new version, this will no longer be a problem.


  • Our solution is in conformance with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • The extensions of domain names have been increased to 20 characters rather than 4.
  • Our team has configured a totally secure server to manage your Excel files imported in the directory.