Version 5.7.4

Date of update: July 11, 2018


• The solution is now connected to the Alarmis network.
• We integrated a new provider for the beginning of the procedure, which will work by calling a dedicated number, as well as the one from the Essential form.
• When creating a dynamic group it is possible to find a contact by using three new conditions : different from / does not include / does not begin by.
• Also, it is possible to filter the recipients in the sending of a message, rather than in the procedures by using those same conditions.


• Before we suggest that the characteristics of a contact cannot be changed at the moment of requesting an update, the logic has been inverted so it now becomes... logic and changeable.
• The data of the XLS reports have been improved in order to make them match the PDF reports.
• The speed with which the importation of multiple contacts was done now has been significantly increased.
• The S-P-A-C-E-S included in the SMS are automatically deleted if it turns out that you accidentally fell asleep on the space bar while creating a message.
• The HTML tags are deleted in the SMS because, unfortunately, they can’t interpret them.

Corrections of bugs

• When an attribute value was deleted, the control added in the past version did not exclude the deleted contact. Thus, the control system was too tight and the attribute could not be modified.
• Sometimes the inter-service links inside a group didn’t work because some links weren’t correctly identified as true « links »... but we finally made the link.
• When a relatively complex procedure was launched, multiple stages stopped before achieving their goal due to a counter-objective created by unpredictable responses ; it won’t happen anymore, that’s for sure.
• The rare difficulties found on an algorithm which formatted the called number in order to join a conference were solved for good ; or at least that’s what we hope.
• In the English version a field in the directory was incorrect, it has been renewed.


• We worked – and we are currently working – on the API of AlarmTILT® NEXT in order to create the product of your dreams..
• The compliance of our solution in accordance to the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR ) is still ongoing.
• The security of exchanges protocols of our different providers have been updated.
• Our shadow team has achieved many developments in order to allow our support to detect and identify more easily the problems you may run into.
• The maximum capacity of the SMS has been brought to 1600 characters in order to meet the obligations of our providers.
• If the content of a sent message is empty, then it will never be delivered to the recipients, in order to avoid alarming you unnecessarily.