Version 5.7.3

Date of update: February 14, 2018


  • New web services to enable deployement of AlarmTILT® NEXT will be put into production
  • You will now be able to request that support duplicate procedures between your management units.

Bug fixes:

  • Variable type data list | Invalid display
  • Variable type data list | The name of the label is not indicated
  • Variable type data list | Error creating a procedure book
  • Procedures | The counter lens does not work during a contactless step
  • Procedures | Invalid tracking when changing trigger response request
  • Procedures | Refreshing the tracking does not work in some cases
  • Procedures | Saving a step without delay is allowed
  • Procedures | Unable to select user link for permissions
  • Procedures | During revisions, some variables may not be displayed
  • Reports | Inconsistent data between the PDF and XLS report
  • Directory | Invalid display
  • Contacts | Error creating a contact and displaying references
  • Contacts | References do not include calendar dates
  • Attributes | When updating a value, dynamic selections are not updated
  • Update contacts | Control to add on the email address
  • Update contacts | Unable to update confidential data in a multiple update
  • Audit log | Incorrect display when connecting to an alert wire