Version 5.6.9

Date of update: February 08, 2017

Bug fixes :

  • Import | A large file could abruptly stop
  • Import | The state pass directly to failed during import of new attributes values
  • Import | Import some attributes from a sub-unit was not possible (Enterprise version)
  • Import/Export | The notification email can be sent two times
  • Export | Values of attributes were not imported in case of shared attributes (Enterprise version)
  • Report | On the Excel file, titles of tabs were not consistent (title on tab but informations on an other sheet)
  • Procedure review | A mandatory field of launching formular can corrupt the procedure
  • Alert scheme | With CHROME, the pdf format was not taken into account
  • Update contacts | Change of the button "I want to actualize" into blue
  • CMC | With IE, list of connected guests was not completly displayed
  • CMC | If a wrong code was entered, there were no error message (Enterprise version)