Version 5.6.6

Date of update: September 21, 2016

Bug fixes :

35 issues closed.
  • Inter-service link | The group link were not updated
  • Organization book | Mention of procedures in which groups or dynamic selections are refferenced
  • Sharing attributes | The system checked attributes of all manageemnt units (even deleted)
  • Media library | Documents referrenced in procedures could be selected
  • Double authentification | In some cases, the digit code was not sent in priority to SMS professional media
  • Imports | Resolution of problems linked to import
  • Export | Resolution of problem with addition of spaces after attributes
  • Sending of the procedure report | Envoi du rapport de procédure | Correction regarding the sending
  • ...

Améliorations apportées :

  • Attributes | Addition of a column to check which attribute are editable by users
  • Calendar | Improvement of recurrent event display
  • Updating contacts | We can now configure data updating for contacts and unit managers(Attributes and / or coordinates)
  • Dynamic selection | Adding a logical "No / No No" to restore contacts without media more easily