Version 5.6.5

Date of update: July 07, 2016

Two-factor authentication :

To activate the "two-factor authentication", you must make a request to the M-PLIFY support staff.

The two-factor authentication strengthens the security of access to your AlarmTILT account. To login, you will fill in the login and passwords fields, as usual and then enter the code that you received :

Two-factor authentication

The code will be sent by SMS, to the number available in your AlarmTILT contact. If you have no SMS media, the system will automatically search other medias (first by voice call, then by email, and by the address used as login)

It's possible to ask to receive the code on a specific media. You only have to click on "... click "here" et choose another media. 

Procedure follow-up :

The display of the procedure follow-up has been updated : it appear now as the procedure follow-up of the mobile application and CMC :

New followup EN

Bug fixes :

  • Import | Attributes were not removed in case of import with emply cells
  • CMC | The text which indicate which procedure is to be linked to the CMC was not correct
  • Selection of contact via a field "system data" was based on the contact name, et not on the contact id