Version 5.6.3

Date of update: June 01, 2016

This version fix different problems and correct also several minor errors:

  • If medias are "confidential", even as the "owner",  I couldn't see the detail
  • Display problem in the received request email
  • Customer can choose to obfuscate all medias in the update request (to be asked in our support team
  • Attribute "Role" and "Management unit" were added by default in our system and will be available to select as destination
  • A pagination for the list of import/export will be include
  • Display of events in the calendar will appear correclty
  • Faster import of contacts : The system scanned the 1.000 first lines, and slow the import analysis
  • Wrong display under launch procedure : according you click on the button or on the text in the right navigation, the display was not the same
  • In professional version, the button "update contacts" was still available
  • Send message : The goal does not appear in the follow-up
  • Import a contact form a unit into an other unit will work