Several actions are possible :

- Importing a contact from an underlying management unit

- Having 2 contacts with the same name

- The system support type file "xlsx"

- The import is based on column label

- Verification of the import is faster and more enjoyable (before it was necessary to check the statut of the import page by page)

- During an upload directory data will be replaced by the import file (if a contact is updated without media in the file, the data will be deleted from the directory)


Actions relating to export/import of the Directory are traced and available via the new action button, available as "Directory manager"

 Import Export EN

To import a file, the system will follow this scheme : 

1. Upload your file

AlarmTILT will load your file. If it contains many entries, it may take a few minutes. The status will be in "new" and you can continue to do other things.

An "Action" colum has been added. It allow you to indicate to the system what you want to do with the contact. The possible values are : 'Delete', 'Insert' ou 'Update'.

2. Information Email

You will receive an information email which indicate you that your file is ready to be imported. The statut will be at this time "waiting for validation". This is at this time that the system will indicate you the errors found.

3. Checking

As the system prepares a list of errors, it is faster and more enjoyable to check (before he had checked page by page that there was no error). If changes are to be made, it is possible to cancel the import to modify the excel file.

4. Validation

Without clicking on "Import", no contact will be imported into the directory. The system ask you to confirm the import of contacts or edit your file if you want to correct some errors. By validating the import, contacts will be updated, added or deleted, depending on your file (the column "Action").

 5. Import