Version 5.6.1

Date of update: January 16, 2016

This version fix different problems and correct also several minor errors:

  • CMC | Security Access
  • Guest logout of CMC leads to an error screen
  • CMC | Leave Message is not shown
  • CMC | Follow up procedure - Destination list (popup) not working in IE browser
  • CMC | Some texts are sticked together
  • CMC | Follow up procedure not fit all screen sizes
  • CMC | A long line/text kid of breaks the screen
  • Procedure with message including Cmc.url or Cmc.guestPassword system variables
  • Weird Clickable label in directory filtering option
  • Phonebook | filter on attribut that is 'subscriber' (abonné) not working
  • Alert thread | Not working when AlarmTILT® PROFESSIONAL version
  • Spelling issue when creating a message in a step


The procedure follow-up in a CMC now supports all browsers and all screen sizes.

cmc proc follow up