How to parameter a field in the formular?

In the zone "add a field", there is all usable fields. To add a field to your formular, drop it in the page named "Page 1"(See "How to add a field in the launching formular?").

When the field is added to the launching formular, you can complete it: (fields with an * are mandatory)

  • "Label" field will hep the procedure launcher to choose the good value. For example, we can write a question : "Is it a test?".
  • "Name" field is the name you give to field which will be visuable in messages only during the procedure: during the sending of message, this field will be replaced by the value choosen by the procedure launcher. Field's name must be simple (without accents or spaces), for exampls "test"
  • By checking the box "mandatory", the procedure launcher do not can launch the procedure if he do not reply to the question.
  • If it's completed, a "contextual help" can be displayed when the procedure launcher will complete the formular.


  • Click on button to change the formular field
  • Fields must be written some below the others.
  • It's also possible to change the order in which the fields appears. Simply drop them into the formular.