How to manage procedure files/pictures ?

Gallery ENAll files and/or pictures can be managed via the action button "Media library", available by the Administrator and the Procedure manager. 


To add a file, click on "Media library" then on "Add a file" or "Add a picture".

Then click on "Choose a file" to access to your own files.

AddImage2 EN

When the picture or the file is upload, it is available via the button "Media library" by all administrators and procedure manager of the system.

They can view the picture, download it or update it via buttons "download" and "update".

In the case of an xls, word or pdt file, the document does not appear in the Media library, it is necessary to download it to view it.

If the file or picture is used in a procedure, this will be indicated. Here, the picture is used in the proceudre "Test 5.5.9".