How to know if an established procedure does not contain any errors ?


It's possible to check the integrity of a procedure before saving it by clicking on the button


A procedure must respect some constraints. Thanks to this functionnality, a complete checking of the structure and data can be made before saving the procedure.

If no problem is detected:

Warning: It is about errors which does not prevent the saving of the procedure. Example:

Error: It is about errors which prevents the saving of the procedure because considered as serious. Example:

Differents points will be analysed:

  • Checking of the workflow of the procedure
  • Checking of the launching formular and its fields
  • Checking of steps
  • Checking of goals
  • Checking of message(s)
  • Checking of conditions
  • Checking of contact list step by step
  • Checking of files from the Gallery (pictures for exemple)

The generated report can be print to resolve errors.