How does appear the web interface ?

The web interface is composed by several parts:

  1. Administration bloc

    To access to this bloc, click on the user name
    This bloc allow you to do actions according to the AlarmTILT version:
    - Logout
    - Change management unit (AlarmTILT Enterprise)
    - Change role (AlarmTILT Premium et supp.)
    - Display of available credits
    - Link to the management page of the account
    - Opening of the help online

  2. Menu

    The main menu is a popup we can open by clicking on this button . It displays actions buttons. These one vary according to the role of the user (in that case, "Administrator"). Buttons situated in the main menu are action buttons. When we click on button, a new tab opens in the working zone. Les boutons situés dans le menu principal sont des boutons d'actions. Lorsque l'on clique sur un bouton, un nouvel onglet s'ouvre dans la zone de travail, allowing a fluidity in the browsing through the interface.

  3. Tab(s)

    Tabs are situated on the top of the working zone. A new tab opens each time the user click on an action button. This allow to have an action continuity. The number of tabs is illimited. When tabs number exceed than the number which can be displaed on a line, a drop-down menu dispalys, represented by an arrow, allowing you to browse between tabs. Tabs closes automatically as soon as you change role. If several tabs are opened, it's possible to close them all by clicking on this button: 

  4. Contextual navigation

     This browsing depends of the page in which it is posted. Links will vary according to this page.

  5. Working zone

    The working zone is a zone where page content will be displayed and where all action will be executed. It is situated at the center of the page.