How does appear the interface of the application ?

With the application "AlarmTILT Mobile 4.0", it's possible to:

  • Send messages on the same medias as thoses on the web interface (Email, SMS, Voice, Fax, Smartphone, alert thread)
  • Launch and follow a procedure
  • Launch and follow CMC (Crisis Management Center)
  • Have an access to Smartphone notifications thanks to a specific inbox
  • Have an access in other accounts

The mobile interface consists of 6 action buttons. The level of network connectivity is indicated at the bottom of the screen.

There are 2 kinds of utilisation, controlled by access rights of the user account: you can be "Procedure Launcher" or "Destination". 

The Procedure launcher send/receive messages

and launch procedures.

He has an access to  6 action buttons: 

The Destination receive notifications and can replay to it. 

He has an access to 2 action buttons:

Menu EN

 Menu Dest EN