Is my message well sent? And received?

 Connect you as "Administrator" or "Procedure launcher"

  1. Click on "History"

You will find all sent messages . The column "Status" informs you about the state of every message. 

Meaning of status:

ico-status-in-progress In Progress
ico-status-delivered-perhaps Delivery unsure (Possible network error, inacessible mobile, rejected message, busy mobile phone,...)
ico-status-delivered Delivered (message was received ).
ico-status-not-delivered not delivered (no reply, blocked destination, switched off mobile phone, unknown user, network error,...).
ico-status-sent Sent (The message is send but the system do not have any confirmation that the message has been delivered (it's the case for smartphone notifications).
ico-status-failed failure, cancelled (message was not sent; this status may be due to the closing of a procedure before the sending of the message.
Max simultaneous instance procedures reached
ico-no-credits No more credit (communication units expired)


If you need more details about a message, click on a destination name: