What is a global alert scheme ?

Via the page Alert schemes, you can create global alert schemens. These schemes substitute themselves, during their use in a message or in a procedure, to personnal alert schemes.

For exemple, with a global alert scheme you can alert the contact only by SMS or first by Email and then by SMS : you choose medias order which will be used during the alert. 

  1. Click on the button "Alert scheme"
  2. Click on Add
  3. Give a name to your alert scheme, for exemple "Not urgent information"
  4. Click on Add a media
  5. Choose the type of media, for exemple Email
  6. Add a second media, for exemple Fax
  7. Configure the time: In this exemple, the contact will receive an Email immediately and after 2 minutes, the contact will receive a fax.
  8. Click on Save

You can now select this alert scheme during the creation of your procedures. The alert scheme is just situated below the destinations during the redaction of a message : choose "Media global" and select in the list your alert scheme "Not urgent information".