How to share directory between Management units ?

To share contacts or contact groups between two management unit, you have to autorise access between the two management unit : 

  • Connect you as "Administrator"
  • Click on "Organisation

Create a link between two management units :

  • Click on "Management unit access" MU Access EN
  • Select the concerned management unit and create an inter-service link by clicking on "Copy"
  • Save













  • Connect you in the concerned management unit (login/password = those choosen during the creation of the administrative unit).
  • Connect you as Administrator.
  • Add contacts or contact groups in the directory.
  • Click on "Organisation".
  • Click on "Management unit access".
  • Select management unit you want to create the inter-service link.
  • Save.














On a management unit, create a user link on a contact (or contact group) :

Under "Organisation", you can create user links (contacts or contact groups), in both management units.


  • Click on "add contact link" or "add group link" and select contacts or groups that you want to see appearing in the directory of the administrative unit in which you are.
  • Save





To reveal inter-services links in the directory, make an advanced search, and check the box " Include contact link" :

The contact will appear then like this :