How to create a contact attribute ?

Attributes allow to add informations to contacts. Ex: function (Doctor, Fireman,...).
Then it can be used to send an alert, only to doctors, for exemple.

To create attributes, it's necessary to be connected as Administrator.

  1. Click on the button Attributes
  2. Click on Add
  3. Enter a name, for exemple "Birth date"
  4. Choose a type, for exemple "date"
  5. If necessary, add a "contextual help". An icon will display and will show your explanation
  6. Save

AlarmTILT Enterprise : the checkbox "shared" is usefull to share the attribute with other administrative units.

Attach this attribute to a contact:

  1. Click on Directory
  2. Search a contact
  3. Click on Attributes
  4. Choose the attribute "Birth Date", choose a value and click on the "+ Add"
  5. Several values can be entered for a same attribute