How to add a contact ?

  1. Click on "Add a contact"
  2. Address and phone number of the contact
    Indicate the Name and Firstname of the contact; as long as these 2 values are not informed, you can not navigate in the other pages. Then add one or several medias : SMS, Email, Voice, Smarphone, Fax,... See "What is a personnal alert scheme ?"
  3. Addresses AlarmTILT Premium et sup.
  4. Authentification / Roles AlarmTILT Premium et sup.
    Allow to attribute a role to the contact. He will display of an identifiant which allow him to connect to AlarmTILT and execute actions in touch with this role. See "What is a role ?"
  5. Attributes AlarmTILT Premium et sup.
    It must be created by the administrator. It allow to add informations about this contact, for exemple, a function: "Doctor". See "How to create a contact attribute ?"
  6. Data check AlarmTILT Premium et sup.
    This functionality allow you to send this contact a verification request. Then, it's the contact who check and update his date, if it's needed. See "How to check data of the directory?"
  7. Inbox AlarmTILT Premium et sup. avec rôle Administrateur
    List of all received messages by the contact.