How to create a CMC ?

The CMC is a web page used as a communication platform and allows you to easily share information with other users and members of your Crisis Management Team without being physically present in a conference room.  You can upload pictures and share documents (pdf, word, etc.), leave voice messages and manage conference calls.

To create it, you need to connect as procedure manager and click on "CMC" then on "Add CMC" :


As the establishment of a procedure, the procedure manager will configure the CMC, give it a name, a description and link a procedure or a conferance call at the launching of the CMC.

A procedure can be launched automatically at the same time as the launching of the CMC. The goal is for example to inform several persons that a CMC has been launched and to ask them to sign in (several variables have been created in that goal, that allow to communicate the name, the description, the url link of the CMC, the eventual password,...).

CMC Configuration EN