How to connect into the CMC ?

The url link is available as "procedure manager" under "CMC Follow-up" : 

 url CMC EN

There is several ways to connect into the CMC:

By the web interface :

If the user have the role of procedure launcher, it's possible to access into the CMC via the action button "CMC Follow-up". Just as other procedures, a list of launched CMC appears and just click on the concerned one to open the CMC (it's the same view that the above picture).

Suivi CMC EN

By an invitation :

An invitation to join a CMC can be sent when launching a CMC. An email or an SMS can be sent with the url link and the password to connect as guest (for example if the person has not an access to AlarmTILT). It's also possible to connect as user, with the login/password usually used to connect to AlarmTILT :


 Connection CMC EN