How initiate a conferance call ?

!!! Attention for customers which already has a conference call procedure established before 04/10/2017 !!!

The whole operateion of the conference call has changed.

  • Before :
    In case of no reply, a link was received by SMS and it was enought to click on it to be recalled by the system.
  • Since 04/10/2017 :
    2 min after the initiation of the conference call, an SMS and an email is sent to destinations with :
    • the number to recall
    • the specific pin code of the conference call in progress.

Launching of a conference call from the web interface :

As procedure launcher, click on the red button "Conference call", then instert contacts with eventualy a welcome message. You can also choose to register or not the conference call. 

The conference call use a specific global alert scheme : destinations are first called on theire voice professional media, then 1 minute and in case of no reply, they are recalled on their voice home media.

In any case, they will receive automatically an sms and an email with the number to recall and a pin code to join the conference call.
In case of no reply or if a person hang out by error, it's possible to join again the conference call in progress.

Launching of a conference call from a CMC (for Enterprise customers) :

From a CMC, it's also possible to launch a conference call. The way is exactly the same as for the classic web interface.

Launching of a conference call from a procedure :

As Procedure management, it's also possible to create your own procedure of conference call.
Add a procedure and in the step choose the objective "conference" and "100 percent". Add destinations or, if you prefer to let the choice of destinations at the lauching of the procedure, insert the "system data" - "Contacts.S001" fied in the launching formular.

For to work the procedure as it has triggered with the red button "conference call":

  • As Administrator, add a new alert scheme "CONFCALL" which prevent to alert destinations on voice professional media at time 0, then after 1 min a call on the voice home media.
  • As Procedure manager, create a new procedure
  • In the Ste 001, choose your goal "conference" and "100 percent"
  • Insert field text "body" and "system data" - "Contacts.S001" in the launching formular
  • In the message, insert field "body" and choose the alert scheme CONFCALL
  • Indicate the maximal deadline of 2 minutes
  • Create a post objective message in which you configure a personnalized message. Example :
    • SUBJECT = "Invitation Conference Call - Pin"
    • BODY = "To join the conference call "#{Body}", please call n°#{} and enter the pin code #{}."
  • A system data "Contact.S001" can be used for destinations of the message